Challenger #1520


It’s July 12, 1952, and Challenger 1520 sits “in the hole” on the southern leg of Cascade Wye near Lanesboro, PA, waiting to begin the 17 mile push south up to the summit at Ararat. She will be assisting Wilkes-Barre bound Symbol MW-6, which will be arriving at any moment.  All color images in this section are courtesy Morning Sun Books, from their publication entitled Delaware & Hudson Steam in Color. That book is no longer in print, but Morning Sun has made the e-book version available. Visit (David T. Mainey photo)

IN A BIG HURRY…J-Class 1520 has just completed a push from Carbondale, and is needed back at the bottom of the slope right away. Obviously there is another train waiting in the Carbondale yard, and pusher locos are in short supply. She dropped her caboose, but then immediately crossed over in front of YD while running in reverse, and in an unusual move has now entered the southbound main facing backwards.  This angle affords us an excellent view of the details on  the tender, especially the rear of the coal bunker and top of cistern deck; both serious aids in accurately modeling this “J”. (Henry W. Peterson photo)

Continuing to run in reverse  #1520  is passing under the steel road bridge of Township Route 659. She will then proceed downgrade, running light back to Carbondale in an attempt to meet her newly assigned “hurry up and get back here” orders. The date is May 30, 1950. (Henry W. Peterson photo)


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