Steam Loco Bash…UP 2-8-0 to D&H 0-8-0!! » D&H 157 with freshly machined drivers

D&H 157 with freshly machined drivers

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  1. Clark Cone Says:

    Matt, following closely your excellent work on this 0-8-0… I am curious as to how you turn your drivers… how do you chuck them? what kind of a cutter do you use? If you could explain your setup in detail (at the novice level, please) and procedure, I would appreciate it greatly. I am getting ready to convert an O scale Rivarossi 0-8-0 (the plastic one) into a PRR H10 and I need to learn how to turn the drivers down to P48 specs. I’ll be following the evolution of the 0-8-0 project with great interest… regards, Clark Cone (P48_modeler and Elmira Branch Yahoo groups)

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